Dance competition in EuroGames Helsinki will be the European Championship in Same-Sex Dance and is hence organised in cooperation with ESSDA, the European Same-Sex Dance Association.  The competition will be on Thursday June 30 to Saturday July 2

The competition will take place in Töölö Sports Hall, which is located close to the Olympic Stadium and the city center.

Competition Officials

Hadass Armon, UK – Chairperson

Eija Lyly & Kari Nyyssönen, Finland – Scrutineers

Avera, Sweden – DJ

Tomi Lappi, Finald – MC

Heather Gladding, UK – MC

Davy Brocatus, Belgium – ESSDA Representative

Competition Adjudicators

Carola Tuokko, Finland

Rolf Pfaff, Germany

Glenn Kenneth Wright, Germany

Euvgenia Parakhina, Netherlands

Kai André, Norway

Julie Tomkins, UK

Malcolm Hill, UK

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