10 reasons to participate in EuroGames 2016 in Helsinki

1. Helsinki is cool – Design and urban nature all around you

Design, architecture, patios in front of every restaurant and bar, Baltic Sea, hundreds of cafes and equal society make Helsinki cool. The sea is always near for a cruise in the archipelago among 300 islands. Read more  or just watch more

2. Hundreds of professionals making the games for you

EuroGames 2016 Helsinki organization has volunteers in various fields of expertise and sports. The core management of the organization has plenty of experience of previous EuroGames and they see the games from the athlete’s point of view. We are very excited to welcome you to our city.   Join us as a volunteer or host an athlete!  Read more  

3. Helsinki Pride 2016

The Helsinki Pride week runs parallel with the EuroGames and there will be many events culminating in the Pride Parade and joint picnic on Saturday afternoon ending at the EuroGames Village. Streets, bars and clubs in Helsinki will be packed. Read more 

4. Finns are organized

Program is delayed for 1 minute and the Finns start to worry. So we have pre-checked and double-checked the venues and chosen the sports we can organize well. All the different sports are organized and judged in close cooperation with experienced local sports clubs. Venues are located within easy reach with public transportation. Read more 

5. Innovative and active food culture

Enjoy delicious local food from fresh seasonal ingredients, treat yourself out to a meal in a Michelin-starred restaurant, attend one of the many popular food events and satisfy your appetite at a pop-up restaurant at EuroGames Village. Read more

6. EuroGames Village

A Finnish part of it is in the middle of the city in the EuroGames Village: a Finnish sauna and bath al fresco. The Village is the meeting point for all athletes with a variety of food trucks, a bar, shopping and entertainment. Accreditation, Opening and Closing Ceremonies all take place there and the Pride Parade on Saturday July 2nd ends at the EuroGames Village. Read more

7. Free local transportation for athletes

All the registered athletes get a free travel card to the public transportation during the games, you can choose buses, trams or metro. Helsinki public transportation has been voted the best in Europe. No traffic jams! Check our Google Maps for all the EuroGames important locations

8. Gay Midsummer in Helsinki – the nightless night

During the EuroGames, the day is at its longest. It never really gets dark, not even at midnight. For an athlete, the weather is usually perfect. Take time out to dip into the sea after sauna, eat ice cream at the Market Square or have a cool drink in parks by the sea or at our own EuroGames Village. Read 10 tips for sauna beginners

9. Friendly locals

Shy at first, but once you learn to know them, trustworthy and honest. Give them a drink, and you’ll find yourself singing tango in a Karaoke bar with them. Read more about what Helsinki has to offer.

10. Quality shopping and souveniers

Helsinki has countless boutiques and larger shopping emporia that are packed with highly desirable Finnish design and international brands, as well as unique Finnish delicacies. Treat yourself and bring home a slice of Helsinki with you! Read more