On behalf of the EuroGames Helsinki and organising club H.O.T. ry, we would like to thank you all! The EuroGames competition was outstanding, as was the overall event with you. All-in-all, we saw 1430 athletes from 40 countries take part to this event, and thousands of visitors and spectators cheering on the games and enjoying our EuroGames Village and the city.

Needless to say: we absolutely loved having you with us in Helsinki!

At this point therefore, a big THANK YOU! to all athletes for making the effort to come. Many thanks also to all the volunteers, spectators and EuroGames Helsinki Village visitors. You made this event special. We had a blast with you and there are no words to describe for how grateful we are to you.

Thank you, EGLSF and City of Helsinki, for making the Games a reality. Thank you to all our partners and Helsinki PRIDE. A special ‘thank you’ also to our patron Sauli Niinistö, President of Finland, as well as all our supporting athletes. We truly loved having you with us along this journey.

Also the international and Finnish family of sports federations, clubs and associations deserve all our gratitude. Thank you HSS, HIFK, Finnish Swimming Association, Finnish Figure Skating Association, ESSDA, REFEX, GLTA, Liikkukaa – Sports for All ry, Loimijoki Golf, Manchester Squash Club and Sport Finland, Sport Business School Finland.

Last but not least another special thanks to Helsinki Gay Theatre HGT, gay choir Out ’n’ Loud for making the musical ‘The Land of the Midnight Fun’, and to SETA for organising the conference on ‘Equality and Diversity in Sports’ with us.

To all of you: Thank you for everything!

We hope you all have a safe return back home and hope to see you all at the Miami World OutGames 2017.