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Photos: City Of Helsinki Media Bank / Lauri Rotko and Teppo Väätäinen & Jussi Hellsten

EuroGames in Helsinki

The EuroGames Helsinki 2016 event will be held from 29th of June to 2nd of July 2016. The organizing sport club is HOT Helsinki. The club has made several contracts with the professional sport clubs and other partners to make the event successful. All the sport venues are already existing sport halls and fields.

HOT Helsinki welcomes all sport clubs and individual sportsmen and women to participate in the northern most EuroGames so far. We offer you the most professional sport events as well as interesting and memorable cultural and human rights events during the games.

There will be 14 different sports in EuroGames Helsinki: badminton, basketball, bowling, bridge, dancing, floorball, football, golf, squash, swimming, tennis, track and field & cross-country running and volleyball. Non-competitive sporting events are as well offered, for example yoga. We are expecting all together 2 000 participants from all over the world to arrive in Helsinki. Being the neighbouring country and having good transport connections to Russia and the Baltic countries we expect many participants from there.


Opening Ceremony will be held on Wednesday evening. Most of the sports competitions will be held on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, the cross-country running event will take place as well as the Closing Ceremony. The Closing Ceremony will be part of the Helsinki Pride Festival, which always takes place on a Saturday. That is the key factor why the EuroGames in Helsinki is organised on different week days than usual. Whole week from Monday to Sunday is Helsinki Pride week with several happenings each day. Another factor is, that the city of Helsinki can more easily participate in organising the Opening Ceremony and the Village when they take place during working days.


In order to take part in the sporting events, you should register as an athlete. Also visitors are recommended to register in order to ensure access to all the EuroGames venues. Registration is open from June 2015 to 14th of June 2016. Registration is possible only through internet. Pricing details are given on the Registration page.

Accreditation & Tickets for Audience

The accreditation office will be located in the EuroGames Village at the EuroGames tent. It’s the place where to collect your sports, visitors, volunteers or press pass and other tickets. The office is open as follows: Wed 12-22, Thu 12-20, Fri 12-20.

All individual events in EuroGames are open for public and free of charge (except for bridge, which is not open for audience). However, a Day pass is requested at the sports venues. You can come and get yours from the accreditation office. It’s free of charge and it’s valid at all sports venues through out the whole event.

Please note, that on Wednesday, the Village will be crowded and it’s a good idea to get your pass well before the Opening Ceremony which starts around 18:00. For program details, see the Village program.

Parties, Culture and Human Rights

Social and human rights events are an important part of EuroGames. We offer a variety of program for visitors and sports participants to enjoy during the days and nights. Events are organised together e.g. with Helsinki Pride dtm (the largest gay nightclub in Northern Europe). Read more about the events and how to get tickets on the Culture & Fun page.


Our Security team will consist of certified security chiefs and a large number of volunteers who will cooperate with the police and emergency medical services. The security people are also available if the participants need some kind of assistance at any point during the games.

Each event, with at least 20 participants, will be secured by our team. The EuroGames Village will be patrolled by day and night. The police will assist our team during the biggest events, such as the Opening Ceremony. Our team will also be present at the airport to assist arriving participants.


All sports venues are easily reached by public transportation and so is the airport. Public transport tickets are included in the registration fee. Public transport timetables are available here.

EuroGames Village – Something Different!

What makes EuroGames Helsinki different and exciting, is the EuroGames & Pride Village. Situated in the city centre, a few steps away from the Railway Station, it is the gathering point for all athletes and visitors during the games. It is also the focal point of Helsinki Pride party on Saturday.

The Village brings The Midsummer Festival in the heart of Helsinki. The sun hardly goes down and the legends tell that you may see you future partner on these magic nights.

More info available on the Village page.