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Register here for EuroGames Helsinki as a Sports participant or Visitor or buy single tickets to the side events. You can also apply for financial support to be able to take part in the event.

Please note that all registration prices are per individual. Group registrations are not possible.


Registration has ended June 14th, but it’s still possible to go see the sports events. Read about the Day Pass below. Welcome everyone!

Sports Participants

1.1.2016 – 31.5.2016

Registration fee for all the competitive sports is for EGLSF (European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation) members 85 €. Discount code for the fee is EGLSF2016L. For non-EGLSF members the fee is 110 €. A 5€ payment method / credit card charge fee will be added to all registration fees.

Note, that registration for swimming, tennis and track & field should be done by 31.5.2016.

1.6.2016 – 14.6.2016

Registration fee for sports is 145 €.

Goodybag, Opening Ceremony & Closing Ceremony (but not the Closing Party) and Helsinki Region Transport public transport tickets are included in the fee!

Payments for registrations are made online by credit card. If this is NOT an option for you, please contact us.

Please read carefully our Terms & Conditions before finalising your registration. Participant registration will be open until 14.6.2016 (except for swimming, tennis & track & field).


With the Visitor’s pass you are ensured access to all the sports venues as a spectator, as well as access to the “EuroGames participants only” area in the EuroGames Village during the Opening & Closing Ceremonies. And, what really makes it worth buying, are a ticket to the EuroGames & Helsinki Pride Closing Party on Saturday and a public transport ticket that’s valid in Helsinki during the whole event! And finally, we add the official Goody bag to the deal. So, go ahead and register and get your pass now!

Visitor’s passes are available for 50 € (+ 2,5 € credit card charges). Registration for visitors is open till 14.6.2016.

Please read carefully our Terms & Conditions of ticket delivery. 

Visitor’s pass & Ticketing Site
Day Pass & Single Event Tickets

If you are not registered, you can still go see the sports with the Day Pass. Get yours at the EuroGames Village from EuroGames tent. Day Passes are free and they are valid through out the event.

Single tickets to the side events: parties, yoga class etc. are available at the Visitors & Event tickets site till 26.6.2016. After that you can get Closing party tickets at the Village or from tiketti.

Read more about the side events here.

Outreach Applicants

EuroGames Helsinki grants financial support for participants with low income and / or expensive travel costs. Other criteria considered in awarding financial support are: age, gender, home country, previous EuroGames experience, previously granted Outreach support and EGLSF membership.

Outreach forms are free registration, free hosted housing and support for travel costs. Deadline for Outreach applications was 29.2. All applicants are notified by 30.3.2016 if and which forms of Outreach they are granted.