Mens tournament

Mens Volleyball tournament will be held during two days at Mäkelänrinne Sport Center. Venue has 3 courts and cafe, where you can buy refreshments and lunch. The swimming competition will be at the same venue.

Schedule and rules

Thu 30/06

08:00 Doors are opened

08:45 Meeting for Team Captains

09:00–18:20 A round robin tournament, all 17 teams are merged in to 3 Groups, teams will have 5/4 games and 2/3 refereeing games. After the first round, teams are seeded, based on winning sets and points. The number of games is considered while calculating the position. Positions 1-5 after the first round will compete for medals in level B+, positions 6-9 in B, positions 10-13 in B- and 14-17 in C.

Fri 01/07

09:00–18:20 A round robin tournament in 4 groups.


  • Each game will have 2 sets to 21 points, time limit 30min.
  • Between the games there is 10min warmup/change time.
  • The games will start simultaneously after the signal.
  • No timeouts during the sets, between the sets is max 1 min time to change sides.
  • Substitutes are allowed only in case of injury.
  • If the ball is in play when signal sounds, it will be played and counted.
  • If the sets and points are tide after two sets, one extra ball will be played.

Rules of FIVB are followed with some exceptions; a team can play with 5 players, 3 in front and 2 in back. A team can borrow a player if it is not full in the first day of the tournament or in a case of injury. A borrowed player can be different in different games.

Results and schedule is published

Women’s tournament

Fri 01/07

08:45 Captain meeting

1st round: 09:00–09:30, 09:40–10:10, 10:20–


2nd round: 13:00–13:30, 13:40–14:10, 14:20–


17:15 Medal giving ceremonies

All information is subject to change. Please continue visiting the website for the most accurate information.

Contact info:


Thursday June 30 – Friday July 1



F and M

A, A-, B, B-, C

96 teams ~ 600 players

Several sports clubs from Helsinki

Audience entry with day pass.
Collect a day pass from the accreditation office in the EuroGames Village.